Order our first CD: Call For Freedom

RCChoir’s very first CD Call for Freedom features a selection of inspiring spirituals. These folk songs originate among enslaved Africans who sought a way to ease their hard labour, but also to communicate through hidden messages.

RCChoir is connected to the theme of American slavery in two ways. Middelburg was an important harbour at the time of the American slavery. Hundreds of ships were constructed on shipyards in Middelburg, and almost weekly vessels navigated to the African coasts. In the beginning of the same period, Claes Maartenszen van Rosenvelt moved from Tholen (Zeeland) to what is now called New York. One of his famous descendants, Franklin D. Roosevelt, formulated the Four Freedoms in 1941.

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This CD has been featured in Musica Religiosa on Radio 5; listen here.

CD Review Vocaal Magazine

Review in Vocaal magazine of November/December 2013.
Author: Herman Schimmel.